Saturday, September 17, 2011

that night, in my mind,
i was driving the dark road home
from your place to mine.

the mist that had formed was my solace and solitude,
the place i was most myself.

and i imagined life as a denizen of limbo
finding comfort for the eternal absence
of the goddess you became in my eyes.

when i got home,
i set my stuff down and cried.

what you'd broken was everything i was
but nothing we were.

because you were still there
following me home
holding me while i cried
on that cold couch we fell asleep on.

the mist of solace still floating on the night
through your veins and into mine.


  1. What you'd broken was everything we had
    it felt like you broke every piece of me
    I would hug myself under the shower to forget that empty rushed feeling.
    The wind collapsed my body, the water was rushing through my heart with no steady pace.
    You only hold me when I sleep.
    I bet if I give all my love I would risk it all.
    I'm not done waiting <3

  2. F, are you the other side of me? because you definitely sound like you could be an alter ego. or just my other half.

  3. Are you leading a double life?

    Love always,