Thursday, December 31, 2015

Intro to Surien

I raised my head toward Surien. How it bared its twisted iron shell across the sky, perched in heaven like a black crown of thorns. I wondered at the people who created such a vessel. What must have driven them to leave the comfort of their planet and construct their new home from rocks they found in the desert of space. I thought about Palinan and if we might do the same if our planet's currents ever slowed.
As I got closer, i could make out some of the larger pieces that had been fused to the hull in a rush. And as we drew closer I could make out more and more of them until I couldn't count them anymore. It was ugly but altogether a marvelous feat of astronomical engineering. The crown of ten thousand asteroids stood before me, with vastness greater than my imaginination could ever produce. This was home for a great many people, and I would soon be among them.

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