Tuesday, July 16, 2013

watching the ghosts of my alternate selves
waiting for the next one to peel away a layer of consciousness
while i gaze into what the last one took

the inaction dissolves into me each time
neurons grow the wrong way, pulses wither
personality coalesces into droplets

familiar surroundings melt into mundanity
turn pearl flourescence to evaporated insanity
i'm reminded that fear is a choice that i make
and every day, i choose to be afraid


  1. Love the "turn pearl flourescence to evaporated insanity" line. :)

  2. Poetry does not exist in a managed society. Give up. A world of only lies and the faceless threats that are dealt by the weak minded and gullible resolves itself (in becoming) only in defeat. Victory is found in resistance, not fearless resignation to the vacuous disingenuous delusions, tailor made just for me (or you, maybe). Only in the warmth of mutual affinity can we overcome the shallow expressions of empty life. That is, only in the warmth of bodies that desire each other. These words, no doubt facing immediate extinction, to be twisted into the smarmy insult of sexual violation, cannot provide for anyone but the same shallow fleeting hope that they so passionately scorn. That is why one must accept hope only with a time constraint, a body only if desired, and poetry only with a healthy dose of prose on the side. That is also why we must resit the temptation to say these stupid things. When every word is an insult, it is in silence that genuine hope is found. But when silence is too ambiguous and too impersonal, when the body is desired but has no affinity (or only assumed, i.e. inferred from silence) then the truth is that the vulgarity of flesh against flesh, namely, language, the obscenity of expression, and in that, the semantic visualization of that same activity in semiotics (syntax and vocabulary), in one word, all voices, all thought, all ideas, up to and including their own negation (silence as expression) lose all meaning and there is only doing. Here is the true synthesis of human and nature, the animal that is also a machine, the cybernetic being.This is both a horrible nightmare and utopia.