Monday, December 5, 2011

 the view of downtown looked strange today
 a firey beacon cut through the fog
 and filled my head with pixy dust.

 i swear I still was dreaming
 when i saw you in that redeeming sky
 when i woke up that morning to your skin smiling back at me
 when we kissed

and now everything is more real
it all tastes and smells and feels
like it's been roused from hibernation

and the memories of each other like smelling salts,
and a touch of caffeine in our veins
we are slumberless beings
swimming through the nirvana that spans the eternity within us.

and as you lay here beside me
after you'd thrown out your garbage
i pondered the thoughts you must have had
to keep such things around.
and if i would one day be one of them.

But you reassured me with your warmth and your words
that the gem growing inside of you
was only ever touched by those who cared enough to see it.
And That, I could live with.

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